Friday, May 20, 2011

counting in French

Un deux trois on y va
quatre cinque six mon petit fils
sept huit neuf manger un oeuf
dix onze douze sur la pelouse

Learning body parts

Beau front -- czyli zabawa z dzieckiem w naukę części twarzy

How to teach with story telling

Comment lire une histoire. How to read a story... it can be sometimes hard when a child is active like mine
Czytanie książek w łóżku może być trudne gdy dziecko jest tak aktywne jak moje. Ale ... dajemy radę :))

Tell the story with gestures

How to tell a story with gestures...
and the story is Le royaume de Dieu est comme une graine de moutarde...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

preparing for the bath.. can be quite long

into the water

in the water

learning body parts in the bath

this is how you can teach body parts and prepositions

bathroom English 2

bathroom English

what are you hiding?

let's brush your teeth

What matches what

a child always speaks his mother tongue, he asks questions and answers in it.
but i can see that he understands English... one day he ll start to answer in English ...

Saying hello

sometimes a child reeeally wants mummy to speak Polish not English heheh
what to do? let it be

czasem dziecko naprawdę chce żeby mama mówiła tylko po Polsku
i co wtedy? nic. mówimy po polsku... trochę i wracamy do angielskiego jak się da

bored or tired child

sometimes a child doesn't want to listen to a book in English or... to any book at all