Wednesday, February 23, 2011

trois petit canards - une chanson dans le bain

I am happy I am sad

A child understands what I am asking about

I ask questions in French and get answers in Polish. maybe mixed up but all correct. so the child understand French... it s all i wanted.

Ja pytam po francusku , en francais - ou est le bateau? a dziecko mówi -- Tutaj. (ici, here :)

ou est le bateau

Mikołaj singing Bob the builder

I think that a good way to teach children languages is to buy them toys that sing and speak in a foreign language. Not really a book which reads the story. I think that a story should be read mostly by parents or teachers, but toys are a good idea...
It s like talking to a foreigner :) in a way

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The crab chant

The crab chant and how to do it :)

Reading French books 2

we are reading a book about a teddy bear

Reading French books 1

Evening French speaking after bathing

games to play

French game, you play it by walking with your fingers on the body of the child and chanting the verses
there is lots of laugh and gigles

Un crabe mefie toi , ca marche ca marche
un crabe mefie toi , ca pince quelquefois

English version is the translation of French, I do not know the English original

the crab be careful the crab be careful
the crab is walking towards you
the crab be careful the crab be careful
the crab is biting sometimes

in Polish we say - cancer not crab,

idzie rak nieborak jak uszczypnie będzie znak
idzie rak nieborak jak uszczypnie będzieeeee znak!

watch the movie on youtube soon

A French evening story

What exactly can you do to teach?

I will tell you how I teach languages to my child:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we learn French
Thursday, Friday and Saturday we learn English.
Sunday is a purely Polish day.

What do I do?

I read foreign books for goodnight, before putting him to bed.
I let him listen to foreign songs.
I let him watch foreign children films.
I play with him with his bath rubbers toys, speak to him in a foreign language, and I show him stickers on the bathroom wall, during his evening bath.
I let him listen to foreign audio stories.
I play games (using the body, fingers, singing songs with actions) with my child

How to teach languages to children

Easy cheesy :))
just watch my movies here
and download props and copy ideas